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Bonny Tyler - Live DVD "Bonnie on tour "

название: Bonny Tyler - Live DVD "Bonnie on tour "
жанр: Музыка
режиссер: Bonny Tyler
год: 2006
качество: DVD
цена: 120 руб.
1. Intro
2. Holding Out For A Hero
3. All I Need Is Love
4. Driving Me Crazy
5. Crying In Berlin
6. Celebrate
7. Hold Out Your Heart
8. Run Run Run
9. Louise
10. Interlude
11. Lost In France
12. Bonnie's Birthday Celebration
13. Total Eclipse Of The Heart
14. Bonnie Introduces the Band
15. It's A Heartache

Departure Of The Band
Sopot Festival (It's A Heartache)
Dinner With Bonnie
The Band Visits Molo

Louise Video
Makin' of Louise Video

Bonnie meets her fans
Lunch and dinner with Bonnie
Spain - Saragosa:
If You Were A Woman
Simply Believe
Here She Comes

Les Laurentines


Marrakech "Shopping"

Picture Gallery

Song Lyrics
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