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Chris Botti & Friends - Night Sessions (Live in Concert)

название: Chris Botti & Friends - Night Sessions (Live in Concert) (Chris Botti & Friends - Night Sessions (Live in Concert))
жанр: Музыка
год: 2002
длительность: 85 минут
качество: DVD
цена: 174 руб.
On December 3, 2001 acclaimed trumpeter Chris Botti and his band took to the stage at the historic El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles for an evening of evocative and sensual music to celebrate the release of Botti's Columbia Records debut, Night Sessions.

Chris and his band- Shane Fontayne on guitar, Harvey Jones on keyboards, Jon Ossman on bass, Karen Teperberg on drums, and Everett Bradley on percussion (with special guest Jason Rebello sitting in on the keys on "Why Not" and "Moon Over Bourbon Street")- are tight and in the groove as they burn through their set. But as if that weren't enough, several surprise guests are in the audience…

Asia former member and featured soloist in Sting's band, Chris invites the Grammy Award winning superstar on stage for two show stopping numbers- including Sting's own "Moon Over Bourbon Street."

Another concert highlight is the performance of Grammy Award winning vocalist Shawn Colvin on "The Facts about Jimmy" and the Sting penned "All Would Envy."

On the El Rey show, The Los Angeles Times reports, "Trumpeter Chris Botti's performance… was an impressive step forward for a performer who seems to possess all the qualities of a breakout musical star, visually charismatic, musically engaging, appealingly personable…"

Track List:
01. Program Start
02. Lisa
03. Streets Ahead
04. Miami Overnight
05. In The Wee Small Hours (W / Sting)
06. All Would Envy (W / Shawn Colvin)
07. Alone In The City
08. Regrooveable
09. Easter Parade
10. Why Not
11. The Facts About Jimmy (W / Shawn Colvin)
12. Steps Of Positano
13. Moon Over Bourbon Street (W / Sting)
14. Blue Horizon
15. Credits

Дополнительные материалы
Interviews with Chris, Sting and Shawn Colvin
Video Profile of Chris Botti
Photo Gallery
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