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Abba (MP3)

название: Abba (MP3)
жанр: Западные исполнители, Музыка
качество: CD
цена: 98 руб.
Ring Ring (1973)

01. Ring Ring
02. Another Town Another Train
03. Dissilusion
04. People Need Love
05. I Saw It In The Mirror
06. Nina Pretty Ballerina
07. Love Isn t Easy But It Sure Is Hard Enough
08. Me And Bobby And Bobby s Brother
09. He Is Your Brother
10. She s My Kind Of Girl
11. I Am Just A Girl
12. Rock N Roll Band

Waterloo (1974)

01. Waterloo
02. Sitting In The Palmtree
03. King Kong Song
04. Hasta Manana
05. My Mama Said
06. Dance While The Music Still Goes On
07. Honey Honey
08. What About Livingstone
09. Watch Out
10. Gonna Sing My Lovesong
11. Suzy Hang Around

Abba (1975)

01. Mamma Mia
02. Hey Hey Helen
03. Tropical Loveland
04. SOS
05. Man In The Middle
06. Bang A Boomerang
07. I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do
08. Rock Me
09. Intermezzo N1
10. I ve Been Waiting For You
11. So Long
12. Crazy World
13. Medley

Arrival (1976)

01. When I Kissed The Teacher
02. Dancing Queen
03. My Love My Life
04. Dum Dum Diddle
05. Knowing Me Knowing You
06. Money Money Money
07. That s Me
08. Why Did It Have To Be Me
09. Tiger
10. Arrival
11. Fernando

The Album (1977)

01. Eagle
02. Take A Chance On Me
03. One Man One Woman
04. The Name Of The Game
05. Move On
06. Hole In Your Soul
07. Thank You For The Music
08. I Wonder Departure
09. I m A Marionette

Voulez Vous (1979)

01. As Good As New
02. Voulez vous
03. I Have A Dream
04. Angel Eyes
05. The King Has Lost His Crown
06. Does Your Mother Know
07. If It Wasn t For The Nights
08. Chiquitita
09. Lovers Live A Little Longer
10. Kisses Of Fire
11. Summer Night City
12. Lovelight

Super Trouper (1980)

01. Super Trouper
02. The Winner Takes It All
03. On And On And On
04. Andante Andante
05. Me And I
06. Happy New Year
07. Our Last Summer
08. The Piper
09. Lay All Your Love On Me
10. The Way Old Friends Do
11. Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight
12. Elaine
13. Put On Your White Sombrero

The Visitors (1981)

01. The Visitors
02. Head Over Heels
03. When All Is Said And Done
04. Soldiers
05. I Let The Music Speak
06. One Of Us
07. Two For The Price Of One
08. Slipping Through My Fingers
09. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
10. Should I Laugh Or Cry
11. The Day Before You Came
12. Under Attack
13. You Owe Me One
14. I Am The City

Live (1986)

01. Dancing Queen
02. Take A Chance On Me
03. I Have A Dream
04. Does Your Mother Know
05. Chiquitita
06. Thank You for The Music
07. Two For The Price Of One
08. Fernando
09. Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight
10. Super Trouper
11. Waterloo
12. Money Money Money
13. Name Of The Game Eagle
14. On And On And On
15. Slipping Through My Fingers Me And I

Rarities (2001)

01. Hey Musikant German Hej Gamle Man 1973
02. Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht Another Town
03. National Advertisement 1976
04. I Am An A 1977
05. Sang Till Gorel Gorels Birthday 1979
06. Hovas Vittne Stigs Birthday 1981
07. Sang Till Gudrun Birthday Song for Stikkans Wife 198
08. Tiveds Hambo Instrumental of Stigs first hit 1981
09. Just Like That Full Sax Version 1983
10. Just Like That Full Version 1983
11. Polar Xmas Megamix 1983
12. Tiveds Hambo live 1986
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