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Gamma Ray Skeletons Majesties Live (Blu-ray)

название: Gamma Ray Skeletons Majesties Live (Blu-ray)
жанр: Blu-ray disc, Западные исполнители, Музыка
год: 2011
длительность: 132 минут
качество: Blu-ray
цена: 275 руб.
01. Welcome
02. Anywhere In The Galaxy
03. Men, Martians And Machines
04. The spirit
05. Wings Of Destiny
06. Farewell
07. Gamma Ray
08. Money
09. Time To Break Free [Feat. Michael Kiske]
10. Rebellion In Dreamland [Acoustic]
11. Send Me A Sign [Acoustic]
12. Induction
13. Dethrone Tyranny
14. Watcher In The Sky
15. Hold Your Ground
16. A While In Dreamland [Feat. Michael Kiske]
17. Rise
18. Brothers
19. Insurrection
20. Future World [Feat. Michael Kiske]
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