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Sarah Brightman Symphony Live in Vienna (Blu-ray)

название: Sarah Brightman Symphony Live in Vienna (Blu-ray) (Sarah Brightman: Live in Vienna)
жанр: Blu-ray disc, Музыка
год: 2009
длительность: 74 минут
качество: Blu-ray
цена: 296 руб.
01. Pie Jesu
02. Fleurs Du Mal
03. Symphony
04. Sanvean
05. Canto Della Terra (Duet With Alessandro Safina)
06. Sarai Qui (Duet With Alessandro Safina)
07. Attesa
08. I Will Be With You (Where The Lost Ones Go) (Duet With Chris Thompson)
09. Storia D'amore
10. Pasion (Duet With Fernando Lima)
11. Running
12. Let It Rain
13. The Phantom Of The Opera (Duet With Chris Thompson)
14. Time To Say Goodbye
15. Ave Maria
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