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A-ha Live at vallhall homecoming

: A-ha Live at vallhall homecoming
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: 2001
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A-HA Homecoming: Live - 'Homecoming - Live at Valhall' marked A-Ha's triumphant return to Norway and Oslo's Vallhall football arena for a sold out run of concerts following a return of the band to the international scene after a number years; this set comprises a Region 2-6 PAL DVD with bonus material including 4 music videos, interviews and previously unreleased live footage...

1. Minor Earth Major Sky
2. The Sun Never Shone That Day
3. Little Black Heart
4. I've Been Losing You
5. Manhattan Skyline
6. Thought That It Was You
7. I Wish I Cared
8. Cry Wolf
9. Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count
10. Stay On These Roads
11 Early Morning
12 You'll Never Get Over Me
13 Velvet
14 The Suns Always Shines On TV
15 The Living Daylights
16 Hunting High And Low
17 Summer Moved On
18 Crying In The Rain
19 Take On Me

Bonus Live tracks videos
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